Marketing Videos

YouTube is owned by Google and is the #2 search engine. Having video content in your website super-charges organic page rank. Plus, everyone loves watching videos—they engage emotionally more than any other media. When offered on a web page, studies show people are more likely to click on a video than anything else on the page. That’s why video is such an important part of your marketing mix.

Oregon Conservation Corps

As the Writer/Director/Producer of the Oregon Conservation Corps videos, we personally engaged with dozens of youth participants, program partners, and homeowners directly affected by wildfire. We have seen first-hand how the OCC is saving homes and changing lives throughout Oregon. These videos were instrumental in raising $1.2 million in just four months. The Oregon Legislature subsequently added another $10 million to the program.

“Rogue Design Group produced a series of four visually captivating and emotionally resonant videos that effectively conveyed the purpose, urgency, and importance of the Oregon Conservation Corps. Their team skillfully crafted narratives that connected with donors on a personal level.”

Douglas Denning
Board Director
Oregon Office of Workforce Investments


Learn About the Oregon Conservation Corps


Women in the Woods


The Tribal Crew


Keeping Oregon Green

The Bard’s Inn

This video shows off The Bard’s Inn, emphasizing the hotel’s walking-distance proximity to everything downtown Ashland has to offer, including the world famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival.



Medford Radiology Group

Originally conceived as a celebration of the practice’s 70th anniversary to be shown at an event for local providers, Rogue Design Group took the long view and created a timeless video for their website that recognizes how the Medford Radiology Group contributes to the health of our community.



Burke Williams

Not long after Rogue Design Group took over the brand marketing for Burke Williams day spas, we created a problem—too much demand. So we collaborated on an advertising campaign to reach every single massage therapist in California. Focus groups were conducted to understand what a therapist wants from their career, and our copy promised to deliver. This video is about the company’s core values.


Recruiting Video


Video Production Services

  • Scriptwriting: a good story, well-told
  • Pre-Production: estimates, scheduling, location scouting
  • Casting: selecting and contracting with skilled talent
  • Production: directing, lighting, cinematography
  • Post-Production: editing, graphics, digital effects
  • Music: curate, develop, purchase rights
  • Audio: mixing, sound effects